Worlds 2016 Part Two, Electric Bugaloo


Following on from the first part of my report, we have the second part. It’s almost like I planned it that way.

Team GB had hit various bars in order to properly prepare for the second day at Worlds. Like nuking the site from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

Round 7
I needed to sweep all my rounds to even have a chance of Top 16 and first up I’ve got Colin, someone else who’d made the cut with me last year and did okay at GenCon this year so I heard… 😉

whizztrackerColin is rocking a Palana apparently made out of nothing but Celebrity Gifts and DNA Trackers, with the odd Caprice thrown in for good measure. He manages to get a 5/3 out with the help of a psychic detective and Biotic is useful for 3/2s so when I know he’s on 5pts with one of those bad boys in hand, it’s sad times for Gary. I keep trying to pile the pressure on, but I’ve burned my D4v1ds and I’m resorting to running through double DNA Tracker and taking the hit, while hoping to get the IHW in the right order so I have at least two cards to break Bastion and see R&D. It works two out of three times (once I hit the end with one card, IHW in hand, sad panda). I’ve accumulated enough points to get me close, but we’re running out of deck on both sides of the table and it can’t be long before Colin sees the 3/2 and wins the game. Spicy Tech Time and I Wanton HQ to assassinate the Biotic and maybe take an agenda or two – this proves this decider and I hoover up from Archives next turn.

clonechipwowKate comes down against my CtM and I’m worried about the link Kate match up, but seems a different flavour as the cards appear and REM start singing It’s The End of the World. Colin doesn’t seem to want to invest heavily in board state but is doing enough to keep me honest. I build a saucy remote and manage to land a Data Raven token and get some stuff scored. I was protecting centrals as it could be Dyper, but a turn went off and the play suggested Apoc. Fortunately I’d put enough irritating stuff in the way that Colin was slight short of money for the Apoc. He tries to build back up, but spicy O&D nukes his Clone Chip and now SanSan is back online. Before he can get up to speed I’m scoring BN behind Tollbooth, and Closing accounts, and all the shareholders are pleased the world didn’t end, but also with the end of year accounts.

Prestige 27pts

Round 8

hostilewurkThe dream is still alive, but I still need double sweeps to make the cut and at this level of play you need to be both lucky and good. Andrew S is next and he’s got a sexy ANSII Whizzard ID. Around us there is talk of 2-4-1 games and all that, but neither I or my opponent bring it up, so we just play ball and see what occurs. I normally don’t mind the Temujin Whizz match up too much, but regrettably my deck was getting tired. I mulliganed away a hand with two agendas and no ICE, onto three agendas and one ICE. Thankfully I’ve got a Jackson, but the Runner really likes putting Temujin on HQ and Yog isn’t bothered by Quandary, so despite Mr J-Unit getting rid of six agendas, I’m carrying them in hand virtually all game and it’s not long before the dream is dead and I’m definitely out of contention for the cut.

giraffeAll that’s left to play for is honour and glory, so I pull out Whizzard and set about some honest to goodness competitive Netrunner against a SYNC deck. The UK Massive have tested a lot of CtM and a ton of SYNC – with any luck this isn’t a BOOM version as Plascrete is back in the hotel room having a nap. Fortunately it soon transpires we’re on the Biotic plan, and I fancy my chances with Dumbles. Whereas Temujin Whizz has sad times with Data Ravens, I find double parasite is quite effective. The SYNC plan is to turtle up and fast advance out, so I use some turns to get every program known to man out, along with Turntable and tons of filthy lucre. I hit centrals one at a time to get stuff rezzed and destroy it, also making sure there’s not much of a scoring remote in case the Corp gets silly ideas. Focussing on HQ, I can make there’s nothing mischievous going on and a Wanton Destruction is the final nail in the coffin after some judicious sniping. We resign ourselves to knocking each other out of the cut and shake hands on some good games.

Prestige 30pts

Round 9

Raphael is playing HB and got himself all set for Tem Whizz. On the inside I’m doing my happy dance. Although he gets a Biotic ABT off, the results are disappointing from the Corp point of view and some scientists find they don’t have jobs any more. With pancakes up early and my breakers on board, I’m soon merrily burning down ICE and getting stuff rezzed to use up money. Raphael does his best, but ultimately I can get in through the Ravanas on R&D at least once a turn and the inexorable progression of Medium counters does the rest.

onetokenI’m looking down the barrel of Kate with Rabbits and such and it’s not looking great again as my deck gives me lots of agendas as a hint it’s time to crack on and win early. I lay out a naked Astro and get away with it. Next turn I put a Beale behind a Raven and score that too. Things should be good now right? Well no, because in the mean time the Runner is getting MO, Rabbits, SMC, Clone Chip and other stuff on the board and without sufficient ICE, I can’t protect a server and R&D. Raphael does the only sane thing and hammers R&D trashing all my assets so I can’t ruse him and keeps the Clot lock alive. As a result, I stay on the four points I had on turn three and never progress. I’m informed that Raphael hasn’t lost a game against CtM in two days, so don’t feel too bad about it. I definitely couldn’t have gone any faster!

Prestige 33pts

resultsWith that the Swiss is over and I finish off 46th place, which it is important to note, is way above Spags. Make sure you remind him of this at any opportunity. Great two days of Netrunner – I wasn’t sure about the two day format, but actually enjoyed it when it came down to it. It was great being able to support the other UK guys, six of whom made the Top 16 – a 50% improvement on last year. Although I would have loved to repeat last year’s performance, it was still awesome to sit down next to the guys and support the team through the rounds of elimination.

famousharsharcticwolfThe atmosphere was palpable all the way through, with each loss or win devoured greedily by our stats machine. As we got to four in the Top 8 and two in the Top 4, the dreams of an All Brit Final were becoming reality. Ben Ni is a super nice guy and his humble good spirit was heart-warming as he brought us closer and closer. With the two finalists in place after some hard fought battles the whole UK contingent were delighted with seeing two of our team in the finals – and an epic battle it proved to be. Great to see two games and of course massive congratulations to another extremely nice gentleman, Mr Chris Dyer. He’s dominated the tournament season all year and despite being relatively unknown outside of our country perhaps, and in a meta of himself and one other person, he’s crowned the year off with a well-deserved victory. Of course vicarious glory goes to everyone else too. Share and grow, that’s what I say.




Best Party Time Dance – beyoken
Most Comprehensive Sartorial Tech – Vinegarymink
Most Items of Vital Importance Discarded – shmeguy
Highest Earning Gambler – lpoulter
Best Wedding Suit – seeheartype
Best Ninja Outfit – Eady
Most Plagued – milk_jester
Biggest Shaper Ruse – Rotage
Most Surprised His Wife Was Watching Stream – rojazu
Most Prolific Ruses About Account Siphon – cacoethesvictor
Best KoS Commentary – echo
Most Avant-garde Drawful Sketches – laminatedsmore
Most Likely To snek Someone – nemamiah
Most Likely To Fall Victim to snek – Catherine
Most Exuberant – tomidiot
Biggest Kate Martyr – vik
Most Top 16 Performances – cerberus
Most Likely To Fall Asleep On You – shanodin
Most Books Devoured – eonii
Best Beer Sourcer – kitsune
Biggest Beer Consumer – Seamus
Most Mentions of Taylor Swift – swiftie
Most Proud To Be British – Bruno
Most Likely To Annoy Live FFG Stream – evilgaz
Most Enthusiastic Monikers Mimer – Johno

Head over here to check out Ben’s youtube channel! Well worth a look – maybe you can get him to give you a party time dance if you become a Patreon?

There are of course many more adventures to report on, for those interested, but in the interests of brevity I shall gloss over these – catch me at an event and buy me a beer for details! Maybe there’ll be a cheeky part three later about King of Servers…?

Proofread by Shanodin, any errors are entirely hers.


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