Quinns UK Inter-City Friendly


IMG_20150613_120822The affable Quinns (Top 16 qualifier at Nationals) organised an inter-city special tournament. With the weird UK official tournament season being compressed into a few short weeks and a National Champion already decided, it’s left to the community at large to organise their own fun before Worlds comes round. Each team brings four people from their city and must represent all seven factions among their decks. This proved wildly popular (the UK Netrunner community is nothing if not keen) and so had to be capped at 60 people or 15 teams due to the size of the venue. Several towns and cities were disappointed by not being able to get a place, but that only leads me to believe these events will grow and develop as time goes on. Our FLGS has already started talking of a large venue in Nottingham he could use and I know the folk from Worcester area and others are thinking of their own tournaments.
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